A new programming language... again

This year is all about new programming languages.

At least for me.

I started this year with learning a bit about python. I chose this language more or less randomly.

This inspired me to think about what to do to learn a new programming language as quickly as possible and the outcome was this post.

About a half a year later I’m here again learning a new programming language and this time it is PHP.

Why PHP, you might ask. Well the answer is pretty simple. Soon I’ll start at a new job where I will program in PHP most of the time.

PHP, really?

I’ve heard this sentence several times from my current co-workers when I told them what I’m going to do in the new company.

Actually, that’s what I thought at first, too, but after I took a closer look at the language I quickly changed my mind.

Of course there are some ugly things in PHP. Jeff Atwood points this out very well, but as he writes it doesn’t matter. The biggest sites on the internet (e.g. Wikipedia or Facebook) are written in PHP which isn’t an argument for the language per se but it proves that even extremely big sites can be written in PHP which still perform well.

Also the language does provides some pretty nice features as any other modern programming language. There are some pitfalls you should prevent but aside from this, with proper coding conventions, I’m sure PHP can be a great programming language. Otherwise Facebook would have switched the language yet.

What will this change?

For me personally, probably a lot.

For this blog, not very much.

I switch into web development. This will change the way I code. A lot of challenges will occur that I’m wasn’t confronted with, yet.

On the way I’m learning I will write about things that challenges me a lot or I found interesting. This means that beside the Android posts I’ll also write about PHP things.

In the meantime you can check out my PHP example project I hosted on GitHub.