Top Programming Languages 2015

The year 2015 is over. This means that everybody is reflecting the old year and makes plans for the new year.

This means also we can figure out which programming language was the most used on in 2015. For example the Tiobe Index tells you exactly this.

According to this index, Java has won the race. Together with C on the second place they form the clear front runners. With some distance also C++, C# and Python follow.

What’s interesting about this fact is, that even though Java was long seen as cumbersome and complicated it still is very relevant. The fact that Java is also the official programming language for Android strengthens its user base. Also Java 8 was a huge improvement.

It’s also interesting, that C is the second most used language in this index. A reason for this I can think of is the Internet of Things (IoT). Now that everything is connected to the internet (even your coffee machine, refrigerator or music server at home) C is still relevant.

Even though iOS and Apples products are heavily present in the media Objective-C and Swift (even combined together) are far away from the 5th place. Apparently Apple isn’t as compelling to developers as to end consumers.

Of course it is hard to define the only correct ranking of programming languages since you need to figure out good sources for your data. The IEEE Spectrum, for example, delivers a similar result. Only the Python and C# place are switched.

Last but not least I also find the ranking of Inc. very interesting. Mainly because the ranking differs a lot from the other ones. Although Java is also in this ranking in the first place, Python is ranked on the second place before C, Ruby and Javascript.

So if you wish to learn a new programming this year you maybe want to pick one of the languages listed above (if you don’t already know all of them ;).